The Femme Fatales of CJ are here with Hyuna's 'Red' and Secret's I'm in 'Love'

With a flurry of Lady comebacks in the past month, the instructors from CJ have put themselves up for it with a cover of Hyuna's 'RED' and Secret's 'I'm in Love'. Our Femme Fatales are back in action, and just in time for Halloween.


FINAL UPDATE! We're bringing back some old favourites, and spicing it up with some new treats!!

UPDATED: 17th September

SUGAR FREE by T-ara [Video Link]
Starts : 29 Sept - Mondays at 7pm
Difficulty : *
Suitable for : Popular with Working Ladies

I'm in Love by Secret [Video Link]
Starts : 13 Oct - Mondays at 8pm
Difficulty : **
Suitable for : Popular with Working Ladies

Pretty Pretty by Ladies Code [Video Link]
Starts : 14 Oct - Tuesdays at 7pm
Difficulty : **
Suitable for : Popular with Working Ladies

Run Devil Run by Girls Generation [Video Link]
Starts : 30 Sept - Tuesdays at 8pm
Difficulty : *
Suitable for : Popular with Working Ladies

Mamma Mia by Kara [Video Link]
Starts : 25 Sept - Thursdays at 8pm
Difficulty : **
Suitable for : Popular with Working Ladies

Back by Infinite [Video Link]
Starts : 19 Sept - Fridays at 8pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : All

Good Luck by B2ST [Video Link]
Starts : 1 Nov - Saturdays at 12pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : All

Back by Infinite [Video Link]
Starts : 11 Oct - Saturdays at 3pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : All

Red by Hyuna [Video Link]
Starts : 20 Sept - Saturdays at 4pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : Popular with Working Ladies

Who You by G-Dragon [Video Link]
Starts : 27 Sept - Saturdays at 5pm
Difficulty : **
Suitable for : All

Come Back Home by 2NE1 [Video Link]
Starts : 27 Sept - Saturdays at 6pm
Difficulty : *
Suitable for : All

Hyde by Vixx [Video Link]
Starts : 11 Oct - Saturdays at 7pm
Difficulty : **
Suitable for : All

Danger by BTS [Video Link]
Starts : 21 Sept - Sundays at 1pm
Difficulty : ****
Suitable for : All

ACE by Taemin [Video Link]
Starts : 2 Nov - Sundays at 2pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : All

Growl by Exo [Video Link]
Starts : 21 Sept - Sundays at 4pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : All

Mamacita by Super Junior [Video Link]
Starts : 21 Sept - Sundays at 5pm
Difficulty : *
Suitable for : All

One of A Kind by G Dragon [Video Link]
Starts : 19 Oct - Sundays at 6pm
Difficulty : ***
Suitable for : All

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No Going Back. No Way Out. No Time Left. It's time for our Halloween Specials.


With Halloween just around the corner (and we do love our Halloween here at CJ), it's time for some scarily great deals!

A one day flash-deal event, sign up for any of the classes below at only $50 per course.

Simply reserve the class you're interested in, and make your payment by the day's end, and save more than 40% on these classes!!

SALES OPEN ON: 18th September, Thursday.
TIME: 1pm to 9pm *An 8-hour window*

Mammacita by Super Junior [Video Link]
Starts : 21 Sept - Sundays at 5pm
Difficulty : *
Suitable For : Everybody

Mamma Mia by Kara [Video Link]
Starts : 25 Sept - Thursdays at 8pm
Difficulty : **
Suitable For : Popular with Working Ladies



We haven't forgot about our singers. This September & October, *sign up for 3 months of our vocal classes, and enjoy each of the terms at only $138 for 4 sessions [U.P. $168].

Join our amazing vocal coaches and find out how you can improve your vocal range and quality in a few simple steps. Our readily proven syllabus will help open your eyes, and voice, to depths you've never seen before!

Available for the following classes:

Introductory Course
Thursdays [7pm - 830pm]. Commencing on 23rd October

Introductory Course
Tuesdays [7pm - 830pm] Commencing on 28th October

Basic I Course 
Sundays [3pm - 430pm] ongoing & available


Simply drop us a text at 9732 7302, or call to 6254 0702, along with your Name and preferred Class.

After which, you can drop by the school to make your payment, or do so via I-Banking/ATM Transfer!

Looking forward to hearing from you. Let's have a scarily good time.


* Do note that payment have to be made before the promotion sales ends (9pm)! 
** Flash deal promotion is only strictly within the allotted timeframe.

Danger Alert! Jojo and Xiaojo with their DANGER Combo! [BTS and Taemin]

Epic comebacks by both BTS and Taemin, and similarly titled 'DANGER', we put Jojo and Xiaojo to the test as they do up a short cover of both songs.

Now. What other covers would you like to see from us? Drop us a note!


Kids Dance Classes for our future Starlets now available at Celine Jessandra!

KIDS KPOP CLASS [Boys & Girls] [1st November] *6 - 8 years old*
1PM to 2PM [10 sessions - $118]

TWEENS KPOP CLASS [Boys & Girls] [Available!] *9 - 12 years old*
2PM to 3PM [10 sessions - $118]

TWEENS KPOP MEDLEY CLASS [Girls] [9th November] *9 - 12 years old*
1PM to 2PM [8 sessions - $108]

Learn from the Best! Music-Maker Zhang Si Er's Song Composition Workshop!

We're introducing a brand new workshop series here at Celine Jessandra, and for those interested in the art of music making, we've brought in one of the best in the business to get you started!

Learn from one of the leading songwriters in the industry as we bring to you Mr. Zhang Si Er, an acclaimed songwriter who has penned hits for singers like JJ Lin, Cyndi Wang, Z Chen, A-do,Harlem Yu, Coco Lee, and even the legendary Aaron Kwok! The list goes on. 

You probably don't know it but he's written some of your favourite songs like 当你豆浆油条末日之恋原来会有那么一天翅膀简简单单不懂... and all personally mega-favorites of mine! We could go on for days!

Now's your chance to work with Si Er in our special workshop program series, that over 2 sessions, will work on both aspects of Melody composing, and Lyric writing. 

Reserve your interest now, and get a chance to be mentored by only the best! 

Call us at 6254 0702 or e-mail to hello@celinejessandra for more details about this workshop series today!

CJ Students , Our STARS who Shine.

"Everyone's a Star,
and deserves a chance to Shine~
-Marilyn Monroe 

A happy bunch! ^^

As you might have seen on our various social medias, the students of CJ recently took to the stage on 24th August 2014, Sunday, for the event 'GIVING' - Gift of a Lifetime !

With plenty of students stepping up and coming together to sing and dance for this charity event, we had an amazing 60 performers in total for this showcase!

These student performers, and of course our little ones from our dear Kids' class (we love ya!) trained and practiced relentlessly with the guidance of their trusty instructors, JHung, Joanna and Riana for over a month!

Our K-Pop MV dance student performers

It was awesome seeing our students, who surprised us with their dedication, passion and big big hearts! They bonded well, helped each other out (a lot!), and practised loads in their free time to ensure they were ready for the stage!

Someone call the doctor~

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the effort in making it happen!
Even though the rehearsals were mostly held on weeknights which meant most of them trudged to the studio after a long day of work or school, nonetheless, our students came with bright smiles and great energy!

Witnessing them being happy and excited, warmed our hearts as well. :)

                                                Rehearsals~ Rehearsals~ Rehearsals~

Student, Clara doing her stretching. Cameo: Lindy & Fiona ^^


Our future Stars!


A cheer before going up on stage!

Friends who dance together, stay together!

And finally... SHOWTIME!

The crowd started coming in once the performance got underway! v

This was the very first performance experience for all our kids! Such a special day for our first-timers and a meaningful one too! 
They captured the hearts of the audiences and we are so proud of them! :)

I'm trapped~

Our vocal students - Alicia and Xinli, with a song from Davichi 다비치 "Don't Say Goodbye"!

The Finale Dance Medley~

All our students picked up dance at different times, and it was truly inspiring to witness their coming together on stage spurred by something so pure and simple - Passion. :)

 "Live In Your World. Dream In Ours."

Take a step out of reality and join us at CJ to live the Dream. 

47 Dancers . 11 Kids . 2 Singers. 1 Dream.
We Sing. We Dance. We Love. - Celine Jessandra

And with that, we at Celine Jessandra are happy to announce the launch of our student Guild - SORA

A community guild specially developed for students at Celine Jessandra, live out your dreams through performing and connecting with others who share your passion! Things have never been more exciting as a CJ student! 

Time to let your passion and talent soar! 

For more information, please visit the tab under SORA GUILD, or simply click the link HERE!

Lotsa Love, 

CJ Family. 

[EVENT] The Project iCANCERvive Charity Bazaar is coming your way at CJ !

Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes is a community initiative started by the Citi Group and the YMCA of Singapore in 2003. This year, 100 teams comprising of 4 youths each have been selected to develop and implement their Youth For Causes projects!

CJ is happy to be part of Project iCANCERvive, developed by a Youth for Causes team from Raffles Girls School to raise awareness and funds for Children's Cancer Foundation for them to carry out services and programmes like counselling and financial assistance for cancer patients!

Colourful Rubber Wristbands and Cute badges now available at CJ Counter at $2 each! All proceeds will go to Project iCANCERvive!
In the past week, you will have seen the bands and badges above, as well as a donation tin by the CJ Counter, and it's all for a great cause!! But there's more!

On top of this, in hope of raising more funds, we will be holding a Charity Bazaar going on at CJ this weekend for a week-long!! You'll be able to find many things at our Bazaar! Drinks, Clothes, Sunglasses, Accessories, Books, CD albums, Beauty products and many more!!

Date: 30th August 2014 (Saturday) - 7th September 2014 (Sunday)
Venue: Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts

We sincerely hope that all of you could lend us your support! Please help spread the word! Do come by, do your part for charity and have a blast with us!



As out way of giving back, we're bring a whole new initiative to all our students here at Celine Jessandra! We love how all of you love CJ too, and we'd like to reward you in the best way possible!

Help spread your passion and love for our studio, and introduce new friends to our classes! With every new referral, you can enjoy up to 20% for your current of next class!!

Are you a new student yourself? No worries for this promotion applies to you as well!! Enjoy the first tier 5% if you're new, and enjoy more discounts as you bring more friends to join you!!

Applicable for all non-promotional courses, you can use this rewards program for our Kids, Vocals and Dance courses!! There's no better time than to come hit the studio with us!!

-CJ Family: "Come be part of the CJ Family"

Terms & Conditions :
*referrals have to be students new to celine jessandra school of performing arts
*up to a maximum of 20% discount
*discount is only valid for the current or next course registered
*valid for vocals / dance / kids classes
*only applicable to non-promotional rates




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