Almost six months into 2014, we're faced with some great comebacks that will simply tingle your senses with both excitement and tease! 

It's been a busy busy month here at CJ, and we're thankful for all the support and love shown by you guys! But! Let's get back to dancing as we've got a great line up for you this month!

GOODNIGHT KISS by Secret's Hyosung [11th August] *hot & fresh*
7PM to 8PM [6 sessions - $90]
Another buzzing dance to get you going on our Monday Nights, check out another female choreography that's been taking Korea by storm in Hyosung's 'Goodnight Kiss'. Not losing out to Jiyeon in choreography, this dance serves up with more energy and is simply a joy to watch and dance to! Where our dear ladies at?

GOODNIGHT KISS by Secret's Hyosung [21st July] *hot & fresh*
8PM to 9PM [6 sessions - $90]
Another buzzing dance to get you going on our Monday Nights, check out another female choreography that's been taking Korea by storm in Hyosung's 'Goodnight Kiss'. Not losing out to Jiyeon in choreography, this dance serves up with more energy and is simply a joy to watch and dance to! Where our dear ladies at?

SOOM by B2ST [26th August] *hot & fresh!*
7PM to 8PM [6 sessions - $90]
One of my all-time favourite songs from B2ST, 'Soom' is a high energy, high octane number that is all about style, strength and precision. Before there was Good Luck, 'Soom' served as one of their iconic songs that you simply cannot miss!

MR MR by Girls' Generation [19th August] *hot & fresh!*
8PM to 9PM [6 sessions - $90]
A song that took a year in the making, SNSD came back early this year with their hit song 'Mr Mr'! A different style to 'I Got a Boy', this song represents a more stylish, sophisticated and suave concept. Work the various formations, plus the amazing dance break gives this song a refreshing feel! Haven't learnt this dance? You should! This one is great for all levels through beginners, and an amazing way to start dancing if you don't!

INTRO TO STREET JAZZ Jacklyn [17th July] *hot & fresh*
7PM to 8PM [6 sessions - $90]
Come join one of the most amazing instructors around, as Jac takes you through the introductory phase of the Street Jazz style! Geared towards the latest pop hits from artistes such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Chris Brown amongst others, focus on concepts such as dance precision and bring out your inner diva! Check out Jac in action via the video link below! 

RED LIGHT by F(x) [11th August] *hot & fresh*
8PM to 9PM [8 sessions - $98 - FLASH DEAL!!]
After a year of long wait, f(x) just dropped us with their new MV all of their fans have been waiting for!It's electronic beats and upbeat chorus, it might take awhile for you to get used to the beats! If you like their previous hit 'Rum Pum Pum' you will like this too! Check them out if you haven't!

INTRO TO HIP HOP K [1st August] *hot & fresh!*
7PM to 8PM [6 sessions - $90]
One of our most popular courses here at CJ, get your fundamentals right and in place with our introductory course! This time round, we're looking at the Hip Hop K series, a combination of the various popular dance styles (hiphop / street jazz) via your favourite K-POP and K-Hiphop music! Venture into your first street dance style right here with us this July!

LA chA TA by F(x) [6th September] *hot & fresh*
12PM to 1PM [8 sessions - $110]
F(x) debut song 'LA chA TA' was a breathe of fresh air back then! Watching the dance again left us in awe, it's really quite an epic dance! This song is really dancey and it's going to be incredibly fun to dance! New to F(x) and really want to learn this dance? Don't miss this chance! 

ETERNITY by VIXX [19th July] *filling fast!*
1PM to 2PM [6 sessions - $90]
An awesome group rightly gaining in popularity in Korea, if you haven't seen VIXX in action, then you're simply missing out! Storming to the top of the charts with their new comeback Eternity, the pulsating beats make this song a joy to dance to! Become a newly converted VIXX fan if you aren't already, and come join us for this great number!

SEASON 2 + LAST ROMEO by INFINITE [16th August] *Almost Full!*
3PM to 4PM [8 sessions - $110]
The amazing boys from INFINITE are back with their new hit LAST ROMEO, which includes a neat little special intro dance! An insanely catchy tune, we can see why INFINITE is still regarded as one of the top groups! Delivering their routine sharpness and precision, this dance is equally as fun to dance to as watching it! It sounds epic!

COME BACK HOME by 2NE1 [2nd August] *Almost Full!*
4PM to 5PM [6 sessions - $90]
One of their breakout hits from their latest album, 'Come Back Home' has turned into a massive dance hit with a mixture of Pop, Dubstep and the unmistakable Reggae elements within. Learn not only the main singers' steps but also the dancers as well for this course! 

BOY IN LUV by BTS [26th July] *full!*
5PM to 6PM [8 sessions - $110]
Now this one's a hot one! Simply one of the hottest boy groups you can find out their at the moment, their latest comeback track 'Boy in Luv' is what many have consider a dance masterclass! If you haven't seen it yet, watch the video link below! One of the hottest routines we've witnessed this year, you can't go on without having learnt this one! Want another slot? Drop us some feedback! 

GOOD LUCK by B2ST [16th August] *full!*
6PM to 7PM [6 sessions - $90]
It's been a while but they're back! After their foray into the Japanese market, B2ST continues to show they still have the moves and groove to keep all of us intrigued and in love! With 'Good Luck', they've gone way back to their earlier days of great dance routines, rivalling that of 'Shock' and 'Soom'! Plus the song is ridiculously catchy, I can't stop singing it!

G.R.8.U by VIXX [23rd August] *hot & fresh!*
7PM to 8PM [6 sessions - $90]
With the increasing popularity amongst our students in CJ, we're beginning to see why they are grabbing people's attention! Different from their heavier songs like 'Voodoo Doll' & 'Eternity', this song is much more light and upbeat! Delivering this dance routine in sharp moves and clean lines, it'd be fun learning this dance!

FANTASTIC by Henry [24th August] *hot & fresh!*
2PM to 3PM [7 sessions - $100]
After Henry's resounding hit with 'Trap', the 'shorts-man' of SM is back with another similarly style song in 'Fantastic'. Showcasing his skills on the violin this time round, the choreography is equally catchy and groovy like before! If you enjoyed 'Trap' as much as we did, you're going to love this as well! A good mix of Hiphop and the lyrical style, "It's gonna be fantastic~".

GOOD LUCK by B2ST [10th August] *hot & fresh!*
4PM to 5PM [6 sessions - $90]
It's been a while but they're back! After their foray into the Japanese market, B2ST continues to show they still have the moves and groove to keep all of us intrigued and in love! With 'Good Luck', they've gone way back to their earlier days of great dance routines, rivalling that of 'Shock' and 'Soom'! Plus the song is ridiculously catchy, I can't stop singing it!

SHORT HAIR by AOA [3rd August] *hot & fresh*
5PM to 6PM [6 sessions - $90]
Most of you are probably new to this group, AOA, they are one of the rising Girl Group now in Korea and Internationally! We've been receiving quite a few requests for this song, we've decided to give it a try! With a mixture of girlishness and sexiness with a classy vibe, you'll definitely enjoy this dance. ;)  

BACK by INFINITE [7th September] *hot & fresh*
6PM to 7PM [6 sessions - $90]
Coming soon~~~

A by GOT7 [10th August] *hot & fresh*
7PM to 8PM [6 sessions - $90]
Coming soon~~~

WEDNESDAY BASIC I clement [ongoing] *2 slots available*
7PM to 830PM 

FRIDAY BASIC I clement [ongoing] *1 slot available*
7PM to 830PM 

SATURDAY INTRO clement [early August] *new*
12PM to 130PM 

SATURDAY BASIC II clement [ongoing] *full!*
2PM to 330PM 

SATURDAY INTERMEDIATE clement [ongoing] *1 slot available*
5PM to 630PM 

SATURDAY BASIC I tiffany [ongoing] *1 slot available*
5PM to 630PM

SUNDAY BASIC II clement [ongoing] *full!*
1PM to 230PM

SUNDAY INTRO clement [early August] *new*
3PM to 330PM

Interested in any of the classes above? Drop us a call at 6254 0702 or email to to reserve a slot today!


Keeping with our goal of offering you awesome deals, we'll be releasing a series of Flash Deals that will simply whet your appetite for our classes!

This month we've got more deals for you! 


RED LIGHT by f(x)
$98 for 8 sessions

After a year of long wait, f(x) just dropped us with their new MV all of their fans have been waiting for!It's electronic beats and upbeat chorus, it might take awhile for you to get used to the beats! If you like their previous hit 'Rum Pum Pum' you will like this too! Check them out if you haven't!

HIP HOP K (open class series)
$78 for 10 sessions

A class that's very popular with the general public here at CJ, learn fundamental dance techniques with our amazing instructors and get to do it at a very special rate of $78 for 10 sessions! One of the best value and rates you can find around, improve your confidence, precision and style, and bring out the inner dancer in you! 

With 3 separate time slots available for Basic 1 & 2 separate time slots available for Basic 2, choose one that fits your schedule the best, and dance away!


Interested in the great deals above? Simply drop us a call at 6254 0702, or email to before they're gone!


WIN the amazing Canon Legria Mini! The revolutionary portable wide-lens camera to solve your filming needs!

Live in a world that you sometimes find too hectic? Chill out. Relax. And take a nice inspiring PHOTO that nicely reflects our tagline "Live in Your World. Dream in Ours." All kinds of quirky, serene or flamboyant snaps are more than welcome.

Submit the photo to us via the various channels with the following - #cjism @celinejessandra

1)   Submit to our Facebook page
2)   Tweet it to our Twitter Account!
3)   Share it with us on Instagram 
4)   Email it to

Competition will end on the 25th July 2014. With the results being released on 27th July! The picture that captures the essence of the tagline the most will be walking away with the simply amazing Canon Legria Mini!

The amazing Canon Legria Mini has been CJ's very own nifty little filming device, that has captured some of our best moments and moves, and we're sure you're going to love it as much as us!

This time round, the winners will be chosen by the staff here at CJ!

*Terms & Conditions
1) Winner must be residents of Singapore
2) Winner must be able to collect the prize at our studios
3) Entries that do not include the hashtags or @s will not count as we might not have seen them!
4) All entrants must have fun while taking part in this competition!


- CJ Family


Eager to shed some pounds but just can’t get going to the gym? Want to keep fit, but realising running is just not your thing? Well, get the next best thing in the form of ZUMBA at Celine Jessandra this July! 

A vigorous cardio dance exercise featuring upbeat Latin Music, a single Zumba fitness session can burn an average 600 to 1000 calories! A 60-minute run on the other hand burns only 350 calories. 

A mixture of many different dance genres including hip-hop, salsa, martial arts, etc. It aids your improvement in coordination and balance, so you no longer feel klutzy when you dance! 

Clinically proven as a method to curb depression, Zumba serves as the perfect stress-relieving activity if you lead a the very busy lifestyle of a typical career woman! More of a couch potato yourself? It’s time to give your muscles a great workout with Zumba! 

Conscious of your age? 
No worries for Zumba doesn’t discriminate! From kids to adults in their 50s, Zumba is loved and practiced by all individuals! Be it shedding some extra kilos, keeping fit, de-stressing, or if you simply love to dance, Zumba is the one for you! 

With nothing to lose (but calories – YAY!), you’ll no longer feel nauseous at the thought of going for a boring runs or a gym visits in your bid to stay fit! 

We have a 6-session ZUMBA FOR LADIES program on every Tuesdays 8pm – 9pm, from on the 8th of July to 12th of August

Feeling like you need a great workout once in awhile or would just like to try out how Zumba is like? We're now offering you to be able to take single sessions! ;)

Why pay over the odds for gym sessions, or aerobic classes when you can pick up a new skill, have endless fun while paying a lower price in the process? It’s a no brainer! Hesitate no more, and come join us for a brand new exciting experience! 


Interested in the class above? Well, simply drop us a call at 6254 0702, or e-mail to now to reserve your slots!

[WINNER Announcement] CJ Giveaway: Pioneer SE-MX9 Headphones

Thank you for submitting all your awesome designs for our Pioneer SE-MX9 Headphones giveaway! So much talent and exciting designs and the Pioneer team had a blast going through them!

There were too many great designs this time round and we would like to share with everyone, Pioneer's Top 5 picks that the panel of judges loved!

After much discussion, the judges at Pioneer decided on a design that they feel represents their brand best!!

Congratulations Clifford! You've won yourself a set of Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones!

If you didn't manage to win any of the 2 contests, and would like to have your very own pair of SE-MX9 headphones / SE-CX9 earphones, Pioneer has very generously offered to give a special rate to our readers and students of CJ! 

Simply email us at if you wish to find out more about this promotion!

Once again, Congratulations Clifford! We will contact you once your prize is ready for collection. :)

Thank you Pioneer!


Win a pair of tickets to the NANTA (COOKIN') show right here in Singapore in July! 

With a total of 4 pairs to be given away, find out how you can get to enjoy this comic musical performance that was the first Asian show to hit the Broadway Stage!

The show will be held from the 10th - 13th July, and the very lucky winners will be able to catch the show on the 11th July !(8:00pm)


Answer the simple following question:
From which country, did the acclaimed NANTA (COOKIN') show originate from? 

- Tweet your answer to @celinejessandra
- Facebook us your answer in THIS conversation thread!

All answers will be compiled and lots will be drawn if there are multiple correct answers!

Contest will close on the 6th July 2014 just before midnight! Plenty of time to get your answers ready! 

- CJ Fam


We're sure many of you have seen the NANTA brochures around CJ! Finally, the wait is over! THEY. ARE. BACK. 

The world-renown, high energy, comedic performance, NANTA is back in Singapore! NANTA (COOKIN’) is a comic musical non-verbal performance derived from the traditional Korean instrumental performance, "Samulnori". Cooking and bringing humour to over 8 million audiences around the world, NANTA (COOKIN') remains hugely popular as the longest running South Korean show and also the first Asian show to take the stage at Broadway. 

This globally acclaimed show will be returning to Singapore to cook up a storm with their "live" theatrical performance at Resorts World(R) Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa FROM 10 TO 13 JULY this year. Trained by the original cast which performed at Broadway New York, the cast to perform in Singapore this year will be staging five shows only. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to catch NANTA (Cookin’), the most popular show ever in Korea! NANTA (Cookin’) tells the story of four crazy chefs who have to rush out a wedding banquet in just ONE hour! (We’re expecting loads of rhythmic vegetable chopping and musical mayhem) 

Grab your tickets now at any Sistic counters or online at!


Take a look at some of our recent videos ! Dance covers, Behind the Scenes, everything that goes on right here at Celine Jessandra!

A little Intro Vid to get you started. This is Celine Jessandra.

Cover of Goodnight Kiss by Hyosung & Good Luck by B2ST

Cover of Last Romeo by INFINITE

Cover of Overdose by EXO

Cover of Boy in Luv by BTS & Come Back Home by 2NE1

Cover of Watcha Doing Today by 4-Minute & ToHeart by Delicious

Cover of Mr Mr by SNSD & No No No by A Pink

Celine Jessandra's Overseas Training Programme in Korea (Climix Academy)

Celine Jessandra's Overseas Training Programme in Korea (w Yuko Nakamura & Yang Byung Jik)

Want us to cover more videos? Drop us some feedback in the comments section below, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We'd love to hear from you! Subscribe to us on Youtube for more videos!


JUNE 2014 - Thoughts. You (Our dear Students). Going Forward. Talk to Us!

June 2014

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. - Thank you to all our students and all your parents who have continually shown us your love and support, making the journey to the halfway mark of 2014 an exciting and eventful one. :)

PA Dancethon saw more than 100 CJ Students and friends come together for a happy and meaningful afternoon of dancing, with the senior citizens of the public community. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing the smiles on everyone's faces, young and old and watching them come together through dance. 

                                            Watch the DANCETHON 2014 VIDEO here~! 

Your Support - for coming all the way down on an early Sunday morning to lend your voices and presence to our competing groups in this year's Project Superstar 2014. It made our hearts feel all warm and fuzzy and we thank you for that. :)

五影; Wu Ying

There were so many of you who came by to support the guys & girls!
Thank you so much for the love! ^^

We see students as part of our extended family, and we know that we will have to work hard to share not only our passion and expertise, but all the blessings that we’ve received from having each and everyone of you with us.  

Going Forward.

Going forward, we hope to be able to be better providers of the performing arts. Be it showcasing our vocal roots in the realms of the English, Mandarin or Japanese styles, or bringing forth more diversified dance styles beyond our K-Pop classes, we hope all students will continue to support us in the year(s) ahead!

As we continually strive to provide you with excellence in our courses and services,  we would like you to continue to journey with us. 

We would also like to introduce more instructors into our teaching faculty, many of whom you might already be familiar with!  Charles, Cherylene and Alex! We hope that you will show them your support!
Left to Right: Charles, Cherylene, Alex

Talk to Us. 

We also hope to provide better forms of communication so we can listen to what you have to say as well as understand your needs to provide you with a better CJ! 

We hope that everyone of you will continue to provide us with your feedback via our various channels, which you can follow us on!

Click on any of the following to access the link: 
1)  Facebook 
2)  Twitter 
3)  Instagram

We’d love nothing more than to be able to hear from all of you, so do drop us a note on any of the social media that's convenient, and we’ll duly reply!

We’ll work towards an even more fruitful 2014, and we hope you’ll join us every step of the way.

“Live in your World. Dream in Ours”

CJ Fam

WINNER: The Pioneer SE-CX9

It's time to announce the Winner for our Pioneer SE-CX9 Earphones giveaway!


We would first like to thank everyone for the time and effort you've put into submitting your photos to participate in this contest. You've given quite the task to the people at Pioneer in selecting a winner. =P 

Let us take a look at all the entries!!

After much deliberation, the judges at Pioneer have informed us that this is the winning shot that caught their attention. 

"Josephine's photo stood out the most apart from the rest. A nice pose that showcases the headphones."
- Judges from Pioneer

Congratulations, Josephine! Your re-enactment of the Pioneer poster won you an awesome set of headphones from our wonderful partner, Pioneer!

For the rest of the participants, don't be disheartened if you didn't manage to win this Giveaway, we still have the Pioneer SE-MX9 Headphones up for grabs! Showcase your talent now!