Hello everyone, 

It's been a while. 
Is everyone still singing and dancing? We hope that you are happy and well in your present endeavours. :)
We will always be grateful and thankful to everyone who was a part of our journey - the CJ staff team, crew, students and friends of CJ. 

The story of CJ may have ended.. but as one chapter closes, another Begins. 

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We Sing.  
  We Dance. 
We Love. 

           and more.

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"I joined CJ initially for their K-Pop classes, but soon found myself loving their Hiphop class and Street Jazz classes! The instructors were very patient to me, as someone who had almost no background in dancing. A great place for beginners like myself, where I could more easily take the first step and be less shy about my dancing!"

- Marianne Chia, 21

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