Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts


Making waves both locally and internationally, Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts (CJ) is known for pioneering the Korean Vocal and Dance ‘K-Pop Hallyu’ wave in Singapore.


Founded in 2006, CJ constantly aims to inspire individuals to embark upon their first foray into the arts, as well as provide stage and performance opportunities to those who show potential. Many of the young talents who attend the school, went on to being handpicked, or discovered by Director, Celine who then took them under her tutelage, leading to the formation of the CJ Crew.


The CJ Crew has been featured across numerous media publications and programs internationally. They have performed for and alongside regional and local artistes [Korea’s Brian Joo, BtoB, B2ST (Highlight), Jolin Tsai, Calvin Chen (Fahrenheit), Shila Amzah and Derrick Hoh to name a few], as well as headlined campaigns from TV commercials to print adverts.  


Their expertise and recognition have led to involvement with landmark events such as Esplanade’s annual Da:ns Festival, People's Association Overnight Dancethon, Entertainment Music Award Shows, Miki Holiday's (Medan) Year-End Festivities, Thailand's KPN Music Academy and more where they have been involved in both teaching and performing capacities. To date, the CJ Crew has entertained audiences across local and international shores, with hundreds of performances to their name. 

Featuring an unrivalled Vocal and Dance curriculum for students, CJ aims to continue to empower their students and provide them with the most excellent learning platforms, while seeking to stay relevant, differentiated and influential in the ever changing climate of the arts.