"Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself, all at the same time."

Dance is the expressing the fluidity of body movements, telling a story 

that will forever remain timeless. 


Whether you have two-left feet, or have been dancing your entire life,

movement through music has always had that magical effect.


At Celine Jessandra, we do our best in offering content suitable for absolute beginners

right through to seasoned veterans, via workshops, courses and open classes.


With a series of street dance styles [Hiphop / Kpop / Urban / Street Jazz] available,

we also focus on delivering classes that work on the performance aspects.


Put on your blue suede shoes and come dance with us today.

Alongside our team of coaches and mentors, find our that indeed, 

'The World's your Stage'.

simply the best.

Our specialization in Kpop classes has seen our courses featured on local and international media.


In our MV classes, our instructors make sure you not only learn the choreography, but pick up essential techniques needed to execute the song perfectly!


Recognized as the leading K-Pop school in Singapore, there's simply no better place to get your K-Pop fix than here at Celine Jessandra!


With songs styles ranging from the beginner to veteran level, get an awesome choice of songs from our full list of K-Pop hits!

get your groove on.

Our Hiphop classes are intended to help the individual build up his or her foundation through this street dance style.


Work on your power and precision, while improving your groove through our instructors' challenging yet catchy routines.


A great starting point for absolute beginners, the Hiphop dance classes is a popular dance style that will teach your key movements like bounces and isolations.


Get your groove on and come join our Hiphop classes today!

fiercely sensual.

Street Jazz is fusion of the Hiphop and Jazz dance styles that incorporates techniques from the more traditional jazz styles into Hiphop music.


Focusing on accents and energy, this dance style in the mordern context has evolved into one that incorporates an empowering female dance style.


Street Jazz has now become a wildly popular dance style, that can be commercially seen from styles such as Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls and many more!

dancin' in the streets.

Quickly growing in popularity, the 'Urban' dance style is widely seen as the new generation of dance.


A unique array of move and choreography fused into the course of a song, instructors will involve different movesets from different styles into an expressive routine.


With multiple styles displayed from instructor to instructor, this dance still will challenge you on the fast, funky and exciting dance floor.


It's time to explore the new age of dance styles right here at CJ!

creative unlimited.

Work with guest instructors and unique content in our workshop dance series!


From creative collaborative classes to lessons with precise directives, the range of content in this limited workshops will give you better insights into alternative styles and content.


Do enquire with our counter staff about upcoming workshops and specials!