If you are planning a performing arts-related event and are in need of assistance, approach our partner company Celine Jessandra Entertainment to receive creative input and logistical support for your event!


The team at CJE will work with you to develop an enjoyable event experience that both relays your brand’s message to, and creates a lasting impact on, your target audience.


For more information on how we can offer you our services on Event Management, visit our entertainment page via the link below.

every show needs a little help to shine

Sometimes an event just needs a little something to spice things up! Lively music and eye-pleasing visuals are always a good way to engage people and brighten the atmosphere, and what better way to do it than through a show of smooth dance moves and powerful vocals? Dance and vocal performances appeal to a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and will surely entertain any audience.


Our sister company Celine Jessandra Entertainment provide a large pool of talents for you to choose from, be it dancing, singing, acting or hosting. Visit the CJE website for more information on how you can engage these talents for your event!